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1580 - 1625 (early 17th c.), 
three different domestic animals of the hunt, deer, hare and fox, as well as a dog
, all in Moorish diamond, polychrome,
corner motif palmette in reserve
, collected  separately 


1600 - 1630, 
oranges and marigolds in quatrefoil, polychrome, corner motif palmette in reserve

pompadurtabfotom.JPG (55011 Byte)


tableaupotjepoly_1_0109.JPG (193533 Byte)

tableaupotjezwei_web.JPG (49663 Byte)

province Holland or Zeeland, 1610 - 1650, four polychrome flowervases 
in Moorish diamond, each,
different burning,
corner motif palmette in reserve


tabblumen_0109.JPG (93203 Byte)

partly probalbly Gouda, 1620 - 1640,
nine flowers, polychrome, 
different burning,
corner motif lily


tabpotkandneu.JPG (46165 Byte)

Rotterdam or Delft, 1620 - 1650,
baluster-tiles, blue, corner motif lily; left: four different flowervases, right: three animals, roebuck, deer, dog, and a beater with his club

kandelabertableau_0109.JPG (156386 Byte)


tableauacc_web.JPG (50545 Byte)

Rotterdam, 1620 - 1650,
different tiles with figure-decor in accolades, blue, two hares, one cow, each painted with a human face, and milkmaid
, corner motif winged leaf, 
collected separately


1620 - 1660,
different motifs in scalloped border, differently blue, jumping deer, Lady with fan, landscape with farm-stead, flower vase, corner motif fretwork, collected separately

Tab_scallobed_border_Web.JPG (72531 Byte)


Tab_TulpeimOval3dot.JPG (50475 Byte)

1620 - 1650,
tulip in oval border, blue, corner motif three dot, each tile approx. 12,9 x 12,9 x 1,1 cm


Tableau_Haarlemer.JPG (56870 Byte)

Haarlem, 1620 - 1660 (approx.), Haarlemer tiles, blue and red, corner motif modified lily, 12,8 x 12,8 x 1,2 cm


1625 - 1650,
four animals: lion, hare, bear and goat in jagged diamond, blue, corner motif lily, each tile approx. 13,4 x 13,4 x 1,4 cm

Tab_Tiere_Zack_Web.JPG (54038 Byte)


Tab_soldier_17c_Web400.JPG (107869 Byte)

possibly Delft, 1625 - 1660; 
four soldiers: musketeer with morion presenting his gun, at the hip a rapier; pikeman with large felt hat, in his hand a spear and at the hip a rapier; musketeer with large felt hat, shouldered musket and a gunfork in his hand, at the hip a rapier; musketeer with morion, in his hands a gun ready for firing, at the hip a rapier; blue; corner motif: lily; probably painted after engravings by Jacob de Gheyn (1607)


Tab_BlumeninZack_Web.JPG (70097 Byte)

1630 - 1650, 
four flowers, inter alia two tulips, in jagged diamond, polychrome, corner motif lily, collected separately


1630 - 1670 (mid-17th c.); human figures: monk, fluteplayer (soldier), angler and gentleman; blue; corner motif ox-head; collected separately 

Tab_Pers_mid17c_Web400.JPG (130873 Byte)


Tableaureiterweb2.JPG (24147 Byte)

probably Middelburg, 2nd half of 17th c., different riders, blue, corner motifs ox-head or spider 


tableaufische17_Web_0109.JPG (118845 Byte)

2nd half of 17th c., one fish and three sea creatures, blue,
corner motif ox-head

approx. 1700, different human figures, blue, corner motif


TabBSZ_Utrecht_1700_2_Web400.JPG (121594 Byte)

Utrecht, 2nd half 17th c. - 1700, four biblical scenes, blue, corner motif spider; all tiles approx. 13,5 x 13,5 x 1,0 cm: King David as psalm-poet, depicted with his harp going by carriage (Book of Psalms); Stephen gets stoned (Acts VII.58.,59.); Moses shows the new tables of the Ten Commandments (Exodus XXXIV.29.-32.); Judit beheads Holofernes (Judit XIII.7.,8.


Tab_kl_BlumenmInsekt_Web.JPG (23332 Byte)

1670 - 1730, small motifs without corner motif; left: all tiles approx. 1680, flowers and once redcurrant each with insect, each tile approx. 12,7 x 12,7 x 1,1 cm; right: all tiles approx. 1700, small motifs: two flowers, 
fruit (pear), butterfly, each tile approx.  12,7 x 12,7 x 0,9/0,8 cm

Tab_kleine_Motive_Web.JPG (18742 Byte)

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